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Affordable airfare

Atlantis Diving Center arranges round-trip transportation from Malta International Airport to your accommodation. Regarding the taxi and minibus service, the price is always intended per vehicle and not per person.


Atlantis Diving Center also organizes various excursions that turn out to be an ideal way to spend the last day of an underwater holiday. In addition, if someone wants to take a day off during the holiday or if he has a partner who does not dive, he has at his disposal excellent alternatives not to be missed.

Flexible car rental

A good alternative to taxi or bus is to rent a car or a jeep. The bus service, while being inexpensive, is sometimes uneven. In addition, divers who wish to do unaccompanied dives must necessarily rent a car or a jeep to reach the chosen sites.


Atlantis Diving Center offers a wide variety of holiday homes for any need and price. You can choose from rural Gozo houses with swimming pools, small pensions, apartments and hotels.

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Why take a trip to Bali, the island of the Gods

Bali is a paradise loved by travelers and tourists who come to the Indonesian islandfrom every corner of the world and are literally fascinated. Despite the tourist boom of recent years, Bali maintains its authenticity and charm . Just south of the Equator, it is the perfect place for those who want a holiday of sea, sun, relaxation and fun. Here the average annual temperature is 30 ° C .

It is a very small island (140 x 80 km) but  very green . Characteristics of Bali are the terraced hills on which rice is grown as well as the dense  tropical forests , where one can walk freely enjoying the most of the flora of these latitudes. The mountains to the north reach 3,000 meters, like Mount Agung also called ‘mountain mother’, an active volcano.

Compared to other islands of Indonesia , Bali stands out clearly, so much so that it has the reputation of being a happy island . The Hindu culture that remains among the population is reflected in the fabulous temples that are worth a visit (there are 20 thousand), such as the Tanahlot Temple by the sea or the Petilan Paperhanger , and in the many Balinese ceremonies to which you absolutely must attend.

Many, thinking of Bali, will have in mind one of the many luxurious resorts in the countryside . For those who want to spend a relaxing holiday, they will find every comfort here. The best known seaside resorts are Kuta , Sanur , Jimbaran , Seminyak and Nusa Dua. But Bali is also beautiful to visit.

The most important and lively city is Denpasar , where the international airport is also located. There are numerous monuments to visit in the city, such as the Klung Royal Palace. Singaraja , overlooking the sea, is the old Dutch capital and is much quieter.

Ubud is, instead, in the center of the island and is the largest artistic and cultural center, frequented by those who love adventurous journeys far from super organized resorts. It is also for his art that the island is famous all over the world . Sculpture and wood carving are the most developed artistic activities. You can not leave without buying a mask or a wonderful batik.


The most livable city in the world? Few people know about it, and the fact is quite understandable given that it is on the other side of the globe. But it is the first thing to keep in mind when you set foot in Melbourne: the capital of the state of Victoria (south-eastern Australia) wins the title of “most livable city” awarded by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual global liveability for seven consecutive years. survey . You do not have to be passionate about trends to guess that a trip to the land of kangaroos, for the globetrotters of the Third Millennium, must necessarily start from there.Among the wonders of this metropolis elected as symbol of the new Australian identity is the movement of street art,

which here offers themed walks among the open galleries of the young talents of the spray that with their graffiti have colored entire streets, becoming a global reference point. Then there are the architectures: the historical ones, in Victorian style, delicate as lace; and the 2.0 ones like the Melbourne Recital Center with a honeycomb facade, or the Southbank skyscrapers that are reflected in the Yarra River.Waiting to see the light of the skyscraper of the Australian Elmer Fraser inspired by a video (and the sinuous shapes) of Beyoncé, we go for artisans at the Central Business District, with boutiques that select the best of local fashion, and we breathe the sea ​​breeze in the cosmopolitan area of ​​St Kilda. The ocean with the capital “O” is the protagonist of an unmissable excursion, the one along the Great Ocean Road, over 300 km of panoramic coastal road that give a different scenario to every curve: see the surfers who ride the waves, the Southern whales during their seasonal migration, the limestone cliffs of the Twelve Apostles.

A natural poem without equal, equal only, for intensity of emotions, to the charm that you try in front of another masterpiece carved in the waters of the Pacific:The starting point for diving and snorkelling along the coral wall is Cairns, a town of over 130,000 inhabitants gathered around the Reef Fleet Terminal, where cruise ships sail.

If you do not let the fish catch you too much, remember that there are other natural spectacles worth discovering, from the beach of Cape Tribulation, the last frontier of tropical exotism, to the rainforest of Daintree, which besides being the oldest of the world (World Heritage Site, as the same Barrier Reef) has been a source of inspiration for the movie Avatarby James Cameron. Declared national park, the forest of Daintree is discovered on foot and with poetic excursions on the river of the same name, stopping at Mossman Gorge: a mosaic of water and granite rocks that originates natural emerald pools, due to the intense green embrace of the vegetation . He would want to stay there and discover it all, this continent of wonders. But since this is just a continent, I choose to get back on the road to another urban pearl, postponing the suggestions of nature to the next holiday.

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Good organized, friendly and relaxed staff members. You really want to make in my situation that were deco dives.

Emma Cohen

We had a good time with my wife.

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