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Affordable airfare

Atlantis Diving Center arranges round-trip transportation from Malta International Airport to your accommodation. Regarding the taxi and minibus service, the price is always intended per vehicle and not per person.


Atlantis Diving Center also organizes various excursions that turn out to be an ideal way to spend the last day of an underwater holiday. In addition, if someone wants to take a day off during the holiday or if he has a partner who does not dive, he has at his disposal excellent alternatives not to be missed.

Flexible car rental

A good alternative to taxi or bus is to rent a car or a jeep. The bus service, while being inexpensive, is sometimes uneven. In addition, divers who wish to do unaccompanied dives must necessarily rent a car or a jeep to reach the chosen sites.


Atlantis Diving Center offers a wide variety of holiday homes for any need and price. You can choose from rural Gozo houses with swimming pools, small pensions, apartments and hotels.

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Latest News

Why Wear Wrist Bands?

It’s the norm these days for people to let others know about their ideas and beliefs with the help of wrist bands. If there is a certain cause which they are supporting o an event which is close to their heart, they wear the wrist band to promote that. Wrist bands come in different colors and beautiful designs. These can be made from plastic, vinyl or stretch fabrics. The whole thing can be traced back to the origin of the bright yellow Live Strong wrist band introduced by Lance Armstrong in 2004. While the ideology doesn’t hold to date because of a scandal which Armstrong faced in the past, it has certainly left an impact on the way people use wrist bands these days.

Wrist bands are a great way of letting the world know about what you believe in. it is one of the trendiest ways of promoting a cause or even a business. These days’ wrist bands can be seen being distributed at corporate events as well. Companies use these wrist bands as an effective marketing strategy. Most of these bands have the logo of the company printed on the front. This allows people to advertise their brand and let a great many people know about their product or service.

Sometimes the company might combine a certain cause along with their logo to promote the ideology of their brand. For example a water company might promote the safe usage of water along with their logo to let people know about their business and also a cause in which they believe. This way they not only get the consumers attention but also let them know that they are serious about a particular cause.

When can wrist bands be used?

Different types of wrist bands can be used for all of the following purposes:

  • Wrist bands can be used to keep big events organized. For example if people are going on a religious tour or destination, they are given wrist bands to be worn around their wrists so that their event managers can identify them with ease. In case they get lost and do not know their way back, their wrist band would make it easier for people to trace them.
  • Sometimes wrist bands are secured with specific features like microchips which continuously give out the wearer’s location. This comes in useful in crowded gatherings or places where someone might get lost or would lose their way.
  • These can be used at fund raising cause. For example if there is a cause which people support they can hand out wrist bands to promote that cause and encourage people to donate to their charity. They mass produce wrist bands so that a huge number of people get to know about their funding and contribute to it.
  • Mostly people keep the wristbands as souvenirs and wear them whenever they can. This is why if you do consider giving out wrist band make sure these are good quality so that these can be used time and again.





Two-day Adventure Kakadu 4WD Tours

Going for the 2-day adventure Kakadu 4WD tours offers the best value for your money. Kakadu 4WD tours offer exciting, enjoyable, and memorable moments spent with family and friends.

The smartest way to enjoy all the panoramic sights Kakadu National park has to offer is booking a 2-day adventure 4WD tours. Opting for this type of tour provides wonderful experiences of enjoying the waterfalls, Aboriginal culture and art, wetlands, and wildlife of Kakadu National Park.


Day 1: 3-hour trip from Darwin to Kakadu National Park

  • A Mary River Wetlands is the first adventure during the drive from Darwin to Kakadu National Park. The Mary River is home to the highest number of saltwater crocodiles and more than 250 species of birds in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The next stop is the South Alligator River for a delicious picnic lunch. The lunchbreak is also your first introduction to Kakadu National Park.
  • It’s story-telling telling time at Ubirr, an iconic rock formation for its amazing rock art. This incredible site provides the perfect atmosphere for learning the story of the Rainbow Serpent.
  • Look beyond the magnificent views of Arnhem Land and the floodplain when you climb the Nadab Lookout.
  • The serving of delicious dinner marks the end of the tour. A private campsite allows you to enjoy a safe and secure night’s rest.

Day 2: Exploring Kakadu National Park

  • Eating a full and delicious breakfast is the best preparation for an entire day of adventure and exploration.
  • Visiting Jim Jim and Twin Falls means an off-the-road. Reaching Twin Falls is by way of using a 4WD track. A boat shuttle is the next type of travel to reach a rocky track. The great reward for the long travel is the incredible view of a magnificent waterfall deep into the remotest part of Kakadu National Park.
  • The exploration does not stop with Twin Falls. It’s time to be bedazzled by Jim Jim Falls. However, the reward of seeing another remote and beautiful waterfall means walking over boulders and through monsoon forests.
  • Marvel at the incredible 150-metre high cliffs surrounding the majestic location and natural beauty of Jim Jim Falls.
  • Rest and soak up the experience before heading back to the private campsite.
  • Swap stories and experiences with your fellow adventurers over an enjoyable, delicious, and hearty dinner.

Inclusions with the 2-day Kakadu 4WD Adventure Tours


The inclusions other than the offered enjoyable adventure tour of the 2-day Kakadu 4WD Adventure tours is a bang for your buck.

  • Drinking water (you may have to provide your water bottle)
  • A local guide to assist, explain, and help you during your 2-day 4WD Kakadu Tour
  • Pick up and drop off Darwin accommodation
  • All National Park and entrance fees
  • Use of an Air-conditioned 4WD vehicle for the entire 2-day Kakadu Tour
  • All delicious meals for the entire 2-day tour package

Travelling by road is still seen as the best way to get acquainted with a new place. The 4WD Kakadu Travel Tours offer the most affordable, but also the most memorable way to enjoy the sights, sounds, and feel of Kakadu National Park. Learn more about 3-day, 4-day up to 7-day Kakadu 4WD tours with Charter North.

Features That Make an Office Catering Company worth Your Consideration

Office catering providers understand how unique these services can be. The kind of office catering you offer vary from one office to the next. Majorly, this is because offices have different people with different needs (adventurous or traditional) and they also vary in size.

Most office administrators can find it difficult to order food for their workers or find caterers who meet their needs, considering the numerous promotions and advertising gigs that people purporting to offer office catering services do. Any miscalculated step can be a costly mistake.

That is why office administrators need to put in mind the core tradition of their office while selecting a restaurant or caterers to provide food. Essentially, there is a need to strike a balance between, type of food, how it is prepared, cost and the variety of food, among other factors.

That notwithstanding, office catering Brisbane officeholders should receive must be above par. To get such services, you need to consider:


While having a regular menu makes things easier, sometimes office workers may need to change what is offered for lunch. The office catering should be able to accommodate these changes and effect them as soon as they are requested.

Still, since an office has many people, you expect to have some people with dietary restrictions. That means they’ll get different foods from the rest. An excellent catering service provider can factor in this aspect without any problems.


Courteous customer service

The primary aim of hiring office catering is to get high-quality services. Apart from the team being trained, they should know how to deal with people. They should be courteous and polite. Also, they need to be diplomatic when talking to guests. This way, they create a warm environment for everybody.


People always say that the best food is expensive. That is not entirely true because everybody has a favourite food, which isn’t similar to all people. Nevertheless, each office must set a budget for food, and find an office catering provider who meets the budget.

Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust the budget to fit in some new but essential aspects. However, it should harm your pocket.

Supply capacity

The catering service provider you choose must supply enough food to all members of your staff. So before you hire them, you must look at their capacity. The catering service provider must do a headcount of members of your office to get the correct number. With an exact number, it is highly likely that they’ll provide the required amount of food for everybody.

Experience and specialisation

Caterers who have been in service for long know how to deal with customers well. They can adapt to what the customers want and still deliver decent food, which is very vital in the business of catering.

Another essential thing is specialisation. Some caterers specialise in a particular type of food or event. Still, some make supplying food to the offices their speciality. Office catering in Brisbane from My Alter Ego can design their menu depending on the occasion, event, or even the personal preferences of your employees.


Caterers that are certified are undoubtedly one of the best people to consider to offer food to your workers. That means they have met all the required standards, and they will prepare safe and healthy food.




Wedding Venues Mornington Peninsula for your Big Day

One of the most important milestones in your life is your wedding day. This big day needs the right tone and your choice of venue is the way to do it. It can feel pretty hectic and challenging when it comes to the choice of a wedding venue.

For instance, will your wedding be a big extravaganza or a small affair? Would you like to have it outdoors or indoors? The numerous available wedding venues Mornington Peninsula might make the choice tough.

However, knowing what you and your partner want and need narrows down the search for the perfect venue for your big day.


Wedding venues come in all settings, size, and shape. Making a perfect choice means settling with your partner the basics of the wedding. Here are some timely tips to guide you on your way.


Location, location, location

In past years, the bride’s place is the traditional setting for weddings. The trend today is having a wedding anywhere. The places to have the wedding can range from where you’re located right now, a destination on your bucket list, your hometown or a favourite vacation place.

When it comes to convenience though, nothing beats having it in your hometown. However, when dramatic settings are your thing, then destination wedding packages are the ones to go for. Whatever your taste and preference, the location should be the first thing to think about. Your venue choice, the small details of your wedding, and your budget will all be affected by location.


The budget

Half of your budget will be compromised by catering and venue. Big cities venues cost more than venues in rural places. Renting a space depends on how much your budget can afford it. There are all-inclusive packages offered by some venues that include venue and catering. You and your partner have to sit down and agree on the budget for venue and catering as a way to determine the total budget.

Number of guests

A good estimate of the number of guests is a smart way to do before selecting your venue. Venues, in general, have a capacity bracket. A venue that can hold a capacity of 500 people will be way different than one that can accommodate 75 people. Making a guest list and checking it twice with your partner eliminates surprises. The thing is to prevent choosing a wedding venue that is smaller or bigger than your guest list.


Setting the date

A wedding date may already be in the works, but specific dates are better. The hunt for the wedding venue should only begin when you and your partner have a few dates in mind. For instance, planning to get married “in the spring” is a good start. However, specific dates during the spring season make the search for the perfect wedding venue more viable and effective.


Take the time to look at potential venue sites

Your search has most likely given you a few favourite potential venues. The next best thing is to pay an in-person visit to see if it’s as perfect as it claims to be. Photos can deceive and taking the time to visit them is important.


One of the most important decisions in the process of planning the wedding is the choice of venue. A venue can make or break a dream wedding day. Choose wedding venues located on the Mornington Peninsula carefully by visiting them.




Jet Ski Safari Gold Coast

A Jet Ski is a water vehicle or simply a boat that is so powerful. It can reach a stunning speed of up to 60 mph. What a speed for a water vehicle! Well, we all love to have recreation either on our own or with our families. It is great fun, and one way of achieving this is by Jet Skiing.


Due to the high price tag of a Jet Ski, most people often prefer to rent it over buying. Many people prefer renting because fun is guaranteed without one having to worry about service and maintenance costs. The following tips are important when considering a jet ski for renting in Gold Coast.


The cost of renting

What is the amount that the renting company charge? This, of course, is the first thing that comes in mind when you decide to rent a Jet Ski. Different companies charge different rates. The best favour you can do to yourself is getting to the beach and find out the price that is fair to you. The cost should be worth the Skiing, and this greatly depends on the location you intend to have the experience at.


The period for Skiing

Different companies allow different duration of time for their vessels when rented out. We all search for the companies that offer the most, to go for when considering the time that is offered to ski.



Due to a Jet Ski’s speedy movement over water, you have to take caution before embarking on a Jet Ski safari. You need to be well versed with safety information and operation of the Jet Ski beforehand. Do not forget to wear life costumes even if you know how to swim.


The ability to adapt

Can the ski adapt to a different waterway other than the beach? You would perhaps wish to ride in a canal, river or a lake. Can the ski ride in places where a motorboat could not? The curiosity to go anywhere may trigger this question in you.


Know the waves’ condition on the D day

This is a very important factor. Before renting the Jet Ski, liaise with the owners on the water conditions. Depending on the time of the year, beaches can be dangerous. It is good to take caution as the strength of the wave on a given day can make Jet Skiing cumbersome or even fatal.



The number of vessels on the water

To get the best maneuverability experience, you will prefer the less crowded water. Accidents are likely to occur when rented vessels are on the water. You definitely would not wish your Jet Skiing experience to be awful.


Policy on vessel breakdown

Before signing up for Gold Coast Water Sports jet ski safaris, take a look at the policies that define the company you have approached. You deserve to have your fun time extended if their jet ski happens to breaks down.


Insurance on Health

It is a good idea to have medical cover in the event of an accident. You need to have a health insurance cover that will cater for your medical bills if you get hurt during Jet Skiing.


DON’T be drunk

It is painfully insane to ride a Jet Ski when tipsy or while drinking. What do you expect more than an accident?



Limousine Hire in Wollongong

Limousine hire ѕеrvісеѕ аrе bесоmіng mоrе аnd mоrе рорulаr іn thе Australia bесаuѕе оf thе wіdе rаngе оf рurроѕеѕ thаt thеу саn bе uѕеd fоr. Aѕіdе frоm thе оbvіоuѕ соnvеnіеnсе, luxurу аnd соmfоrt thаt hіrіng а limousine саn рrоvіdе, limousine hire ѕеrvісеѕ оffеr mаnу оthеr аdvаntаgеѕ.

Considerations when renting a limousine

  • Limousine hire ѕеrvісеѕ саn bе uѕеd fоr аll kіndѕ оf trаnѕроrtаtіоn nееdѕ, whether buѕіnеѕѕ оr реrѕоnаl. Thеу саn bе uѕеd fоr ѕhоrt dіѕtаnсе and long dіѕtаnсе trірѕ and can саtеr tо аll tуреѕ оf іndіvіduаlѕ.
  • Aѕіdе from being а mode оf trаnѕроrtаtіоn, lіmоuѕіnеѕ саn аlѕо bе uѕеd fоr dіffеrеnt сеlеbrаtіоnѕ lіkе wеddіngѕ, аnnіvеrѕаrіеѕ, bіrthdауѕ, grаduаtіоnѕ, dіnnеrѕ аnd оthеr kіndѕ оf раrtіеѕ аnd ѕресіаl еvеntѕ and оссаѕіоnѕ. Sоmе uѕе thеm for trаnѕроrtаtіоn and thеrе аrе ѕоmе which hire them аѕ а vеnuе fоr рrіvаtе раrtіеѕ.
  • Thеу аrе аlѕо соmmоnlу uѕеd tо trаnѕроrt ѕресіаl guеѕtѕ frоm thе аіrроrt tо а hоtеl оr аrоund thе сіtу. Bесаuѕе оf thе luxurу аnd еlеgаnсе thаt оnlу соmеѕ wіth lіmоuѕіnеѕ, thеу hаvе bесоmе thе fіrѕt сhоісе fоr trаnѕроrtіng іmроrtаnt аnd dіѕtіnguіѕhеd реrѕоnаlіtіеѕ.
  • Thеу саn bе bооkеd tо рrоvіdе ѕеrvісеѕ аnу tіmе оf thе dау аnd tо аlmоѕt аll dеѕtіnаtіоnѕ іn thе Wollongong. Yоu wоuld јuѕt nееd tо саll thе соmраnу аnd mаkе thе аrrаngеmеntѕ.
  • Hіrіng а limousine іѕ аlѕо а ѕаfе choice ѕіnсе соmраnіеѕ whо оffеr them uѕuаllу make their drіvеrѕ undergo іntеnѕіvе training. Bесаuѕе оf thе аmоunt оf trаіnіng thеу rесеіvе, limousine drіvеrѕ аrе еquірреd wіth thе nесеѕѕаrу ѕkіllѕ аnd сараbіlіtіеѕ which allow them tо рrоvіdе thе hіghеѕt lеvеl оf ѕеrvісе fоr аll оf thеіr сlіеntѕ.
  • Although mаnу реорlе thіnk thаt hіrіng а limousine іѕ соѕtlу and саn оnly be afforded bу thе rісh аnd fаmоuѕ, bесаuѕе оf thе number of соmраnіеѕ that offer them, уоu саn еаѕіlу hire оnе аt а рrісе уоu саn afford. Aѕ а matter of fасt, hіrіng оnе саn bе mоrе соѕt-еffесtіvе thаn hіrіng ѕеvеrаl tаxіѕ оr рrіvаtе hire vеhісlеѕ, еѕресіаllу іf уоu would bе trаvеllіng wіth а larger number of реорlе thаt саn ѕtіll bе ассоmmоdаtеd bу а limousine.

  • Mаnу limousine drіvеrѕ аrе аlѕо knowledgeable аbоut mаnу аrеаѕ of Australia. Thіѕ аllоwѕ thеm tо ѕеrvе аѕ tour guіdеѕ for their fоrеіgn раѕѕеngеrѕ аѕ wеll. Thеу саn оffеr valuable іnfоrmаtіоn ѕuсh аѕ which rеѕtаurаntѕ оffеr thе bеѕt dіѕhеѕ, which hоtеlѕ аrе top-rated and which tоurіѕt аttrасtіоnѕ ѕhоuld nоt bе mіѕѕеd.
  • Yоu саn trу ѕеаrсhіng fоr соmраnіеѕ thаt оffеr limousine hire ѕеrvісеѕ оnlіnе. Mаkе ѕurе tо tаkе thе tіmе rеаdіng thеіr tеrmѕ аnd соndіtіоnѕ whісh аrе аttасhеd tо еасh limousine hire thаt сlіеntѕ аvаіl оf. Read through their FAQѕ аѕ wеll tо gеt аnѕwеrѕ tо уоur quеѕtіоnѕ. If уоu hаvе оthеr соnсеrnѕ which cаn’t bе аnѕwеrеd bу thе іnfоrmаtіоn in thеіr ѕіtе, уоu саn аlwауѕ trу саllіng uр thеіr hоtlіnе аnd tаlkіng wіth оnе оf thеіr сuѕtоmеr ѕеrvісе rерrеѕеntаtіvеѕ. We recommend that you try Coastline Limousine Hire in Wollongong.
  • Yоu ѕhоuld аlѕо make ѕurе thаt уоu would bе сhооѕіng thе rіght tуре оf limousine that would be ѕuіtаblе fоr уоur nееdѕ. Lіmоuѕіnеѕ соmе іn а wіdе rаngе оf ѕіzеѕ аnd tуреѕ, which determine their рrісеѕ, ѕо mаkе ѕurе thаt уоu would bе hіrіng оnе thаt іѕ аррrорrіаtе fоr thе рurроѕе thаt уоu hаvе іn mіnd.

If уоu bооk еаrlу, fіll thе limousine tо іtѕ сарасіtу аnd hоld уоur оссаѕіоn midweek or on a Sundау thеn сhеар lіmо rеntаl іѕ а dіѕtіnсt роѕѕіbіlіtу.

Durack Bar

It is probably common knowledge that both men and women have the natural inclination to search for something that could either give him comfort from the problems he is facing in the form of any entertainment that is readily available anytime and anywhere. Where wine and spirits are served, a variety of music can also be heard.

It cannot be denied that the intake of alcohol could either allow someone to drown the predicament he is currently experiencing or just be cool and savour the moment of transitory happiness with a few shots of scotch on the rocks. Whatever maybe someone’s agenda for the evening, Durack bars are opening their taverns to anyone who wishes to while away the evening with folk and rock country music.


 You name it, and we have it

Regular customers need not tell the bartender of what they’ll be boozing for the evening. With the flick of the fingers or the wink of an eye, a glass of brandy or a twist of martini and daiquiri would be rolling down from the top to the bottom of the counter or going to the direction where you are comfortably seated. Customers usually order the same drink and enjoy a few rounds of it before finally calling it an evening and could either pay in cash or request to place the orders on one’s credit tab.

 Amazing and entertaining bartenders

If you think bartenders just serve you your drinks or do some mixing tricks, think again. They could also be excellent conversation partners as both of you share stories from the usual life that you have in common to personal relationships that matter most. This scenario takes place only when there are only a few customers left, and the bar is nearing its closing time. It is much more ideal and comfortable when, looking at your watch, you’re the only customer left, and everyone has left for the rest of the evening. Bartenders usually just wait for the last couple of orders before finally finishing up cleaning his station and fixing whatever needs to be arranged for the next day’s operation.


 An evening filled with music and laughter

There are three basic options from which customers can enjoy music at the bars in Durack. On special weekdays and if there are special celebrations or occasions, a couple of live bands will be heard singing and playing their instruments while customers are quaffing a variety of spirits until they’ll be  quite tipsy or should we say, a bit drunk but as cool as always. Likewise, there are instances when customers would request their personal favourites to the band playing a variety of songs they can always sing to or personally relate, by both the lyrics and the melody that goes with it. The best part will always be there when customers are the ones on stage and taking the courage of uttering the lyrics on their own from a reverberating microphone. This is not always the case but can be possible upon making a humble request. Lastly, if bands are not scheduled to play for the evening or customers are in no way having the mood to sing their heart out until midnight, bars usually would play instrumental music on the background as everyone has their chit chats with friends, family and loved ones in particular.

Try visiting Lions bars and have a blast!


Family Resorts in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia, is a popular tourist destination. Here in Melbourne, you will find any holiday package best fit for your budget. Whether an economy or business class, there is something for everybody. Expect exceptional hospitality ever in the world. You can still get standard holiday resorts in Melbourne which are extremely pocket-friendly.




The best places to enjoy the free nature and everything that mother nature has placed before us if you need time to break from the daily tedious routines of our hustle or you are yearning for a getaway and still feel at home away from home, think Melbourne. Hospitality in this city is a booming industry with holidaymakers from all over the world streaming day in day out.




The first thing you do at check-in is booking your hotel rooms, depending on the members you are with, and the budget also plays a role when booking rooms. If your budget is fat, I prospect you book the rooms with space to breath around and to make sure that you don’t pump into one another anyhow. For economy class, you are free to squeeze yourselves as much as it allows you to save on the cost of your holiday. The rooms you will be allocated are the best in the world, and with the best professional services, you would never imagine. Sleep like a queen and eat like a queen. The best food in the world!

What to expect while holidaying in Melbourne


Melbourne has plenty of surprises for you and your family. While working on the streets or driving, you will pass by many posts inviting you to their resort. Never mind pop into one, and I assure you it could be the best decision you have ever made for a long time. Inside the resort, you will receive warm hospitality. Enjoy quality meals throughout your stay.

Holiday parks and great playgrounds provide the best scenery just for you and your kids. You will have plenty of parks along the Melbourne coastline. They are cheap and pocket-friendly for the business class and the economy.


Sporting activities


In Melbourne, you will get fascinated with the type of sports and games you enjoy if you are ever sporty, or just have some fun with your family members with any outdoor activity that will make your stay a fulfilling one. Games you most likely enjoy while on your holiday include; swimming, which most dear to every holidaymaker. Without swimming pool holiday is not a holiday, it is the most popular means to fulfill a holiday dream. Another game that is popular is paddle streaming, canoeing, kayaking and golfing. Football fanatics can enjoy their games both on the playing field and by watching games on ultra HD TVs.


Sand beaches


If you are a fan of sand bathing, you are in the right place. There are many sand beach establishments along the coastline in Melbourne. While in the sand beaches you will meet and mingle with people from different nationalities also holidaying like you. Share the fun as you feel the cooling sea breeze aside from the beautiful ocean waves rushing to the shorelines.

Melbourne is a destination for you and your family. You can plan now and start saving for your holiday in family resorts in Melbourne. Do not strain yourself too much when budgeting for your getaway in Melbourne because there is a budget for everyone and a destination for anyone too.


What Photo Booth rental Melbourne can do for your corporate event

Events are occasions wherein everyone loves to have their picture taken. People love the idea of documenting who they are with, how much fun they are having, and where they happen to be.

Family gatherings, social events, and corporate parties are events that need to have pictures as a way of ensuring that the attendees are enjoying themselves.

When it comes to corporate events in Melbourne, the way to advertise through social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the photos taken of the event. This makes it doubly important for including a photo booth rental Melbourne in the event.


Advantages provided by a photo booth rental


A customised photo booth rental for a corporate event will not only complement your marketing objectives; it is also the best way to create a laughing crowd, a warm atmosphere, and a most-talked about event!


Networking opportunities

It’s a given that not everyone will know everyone in huge corporate parties. The attendees will be large, which is a good indication of a successful event.

However, fantastic feedback and reviews can only be gained when the ambience of the event is familiar and warm.

Having a photo booth can attract the attention of the participants and create the right ambience. Because of the huge number of people, falling in line to wait for their turn in the photo booth is likely to happen.

This something in common with these people will soon start them talking with each other. This could often result in sharing the same photo once they get their turn in the photo booth.

Needless to say, the shared experience starts the ball rolling for a smoother flow of conversation. The business talk will not be an exception.


A great way to launch your services or products

Matching the photo booth to the theme of trade shows, corporate events, and product launches quickly spread the word.

The latest photo technology used by photo booth hires takes only a matter of minutes to develop. These photos can be quickly posted and shared on various social platforms.

The people who had a great time in the event and have a photo to show for it will also spread the word. Sharing photos and experiences in social media is one great way to launch your services or products.


Corporate souvenir and wonderful memory in one

Party favours or souvenirs provided by corporate events are things people watch out for when they attend the event. These souvenirs are things they can place on the shelves of their living room or bedroom when they get home.

One of the stress points for every event planner is finding the appropriate souvenir. A photo booth will quickly resolve the souvenir or give-away problem. People attending the event will appreciate having their picture taken at the event and get to have a copy as well.

Not only will a photo booth provide a great souvenir item, but it also offers the best entertainment factor for the people attending the event.


A photo booth rental is not only a great entertainment tool, but it is also a great marketing strategy as well. It is the most cost-effective way of launching a product or service. It will make your corporate event become the most-talked-about party for weeks.


Limo hire in Wollongong

The following activity subsequent to arriving into an aeroplane terminal is to locate the most ideal method for transport to the ideal inn inside the town. The facts demonstrate that the majority of us generally go for a rental vehicle as the primary decision. Be that as it may, for an incredible aeroplane terminal exchange involvement in Wollongong, a limousine administration winds up a standout amongst the most financially savvy and useful choice to go for.


Limousine employ in Wollongong isn’t such costly as you might suspect. On the off chance that you make an examination with the cost, you bring about in the wake of enlisting a taxi to the ideal area or trip, or in the event that you contrast and a rental vehicle, you will understand that it’s practical to employ a limo to get you around. A limousine for hire in Wollongong will fetch you from the airport tarmac, bring you to your preferred place to spend the evening, or anyplace else you want to relax or unwind and make every effort to repeat the same routine, as you end an important meeting from a foreign country at a moderate level rate.


The facts demonstrate that when voyaging, particularly for the businessmen, you generally need to get moved to the proposed area inside the most limited time conceivable in view of a tight timetable. Therefore, it is in every case great to pick solid experts, the person who is in a place of moving you to the proposed area inside the required timetable. For the most part, those associated with air terminal exchanges in Wollongong offer transportation administrations like:


Meeting and welcome administrations


Subsequent to landing in Wollongong air terminal, you will dependably discover a few aeroplane terminal exchanges who are prepared to transport you to the expected spot inside the calendar you give. In this manner, there is no need for you to get stressed whether you’ll be in a place of making to the following occasion before it begins or you need not battle to gather together all the baggage. This becomes problem free when you procure a limousine.


Traffic designs in Wollongong can be erratic, and thus, you may not realise the specific time to go. However, with a limousine administration in Wollongong, you will be in a place of getting around inside the time allotment, and along these lines, you need not stress over the issue of ending up late. An intriguing thing when you employ a limousine is that you’ll go over experienced drivers, well acquainted about the examples of traffic and when they anticipate that traffic should be more regrettable. Along these lines, the drivers can maintain a strategic distance from this time and territories encountering traffic inside that time as one method for guaranteeing that you’re getting to the proposed area inside the required time.

Notwithstanding, when contracting a limousine administration, it is basic to comprehend the fundamental dimensions of value that falls in all aspects of the ride. The facts confirm that you may get enticed and choose to enlist the most current limousine organisation which is promoting its administrations. The awful thing with these organisations is that they might offer enormous limits to bait you and end up moving you to the proposed area when you’re late. Be that as it may, the fundamental reason for enlisting a limousine is to get quality, class, greatness, and solace.


Continuously go for the accomplished limousine benefits as they are in a place of conveying you to the expected area inside the most limited time conceivable. Find limo hire services whenever you travel to a different city so that you won’t have to worry about getting from one business engagement to the next.


What do the best restaurants in Hervey Bay have in common?

A great atmosphere and a delicious meal to relax and unwind are the things dining out provides to all of us. This is what most people look for whenever they decide to dine out. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

Excellent restaurants, unfortunately, are quite hard to come by. It’s of small wonder then when people patiently line up whenever there’s a great restaurant in town!

Hervey Bay seems to be in a unique spot. For one thing, the place is called home by humpback whales. The second thing is because restaurants Hervey Bay offer top-quality cuisine anywhere and at any time of the day.


Top qualities shared by the restaurants in Hervey Bay


A restaurant can be considered great if it provides some of the characteristics and qualities. Hervey Bay’s leading restaurants seem to have something in common, to include:

Unique menus

People dine out because they are looking for something unique. Restaurants Hervey Bay seems to offer unique menus that are different, but all amazingly delicious. From burgers to oysters to all kinds of pasta dishes, Hervey Bay restaurants offer that and more. This is the reason why tourists to the place have a hard time making up their minds which to try first.

Freshest foods that are locally sourced

People, naturally, expect to enjoy a great meal as soon as they walk in a restaurant. Restaurants that set high standards are bound to attract lots of people. The freshest foods locally sourced are the things that make restaurants in Hervey Bay stand out. Add to that is the ingenuity of the various chefs in preparing something incomparable with these high-quality ingredients.

Spic and span restaurants

A dirty restaurant is obviously something that diners will avoid at all costs. Overall service of a restaurant is compromised with unclean surroundings. Restaurants in the Harvey Bay area agree with this. This means that dining out on any of the top restaurants in the area guarantee overall cleanliness including restrooms.

The best value dining experience

The overall experience given by the top restaurants in the Hervey Bay area gives the best value. Excellent restaurants serving top-quality food are expected to charge more than others. People seldom complain about prices when they feel that the dining experience is worth every penny.

Be that as it may, the prices in the best restaurants in Hervey Bay are surprisingly reasonable. This is probably one of the reasons for people to come back time and time again to the area.

Restaurant atmosphere

The ambiance is always important. Creating the perfect dining atmosphere is the most important reason for restaurants to invest in them. In Hervey Bay, you get to enjoy all sorts of restaurant ambiance.

Restaurants lining the waterfront give a different ambiance than those located on the beach front. Restaurants located on a hilly place offers a unique atmosphere than one located inside a shopping mall.

Wherever the location happens to be, the guarantee is always fine dining at your preferred ambiance on a visit to Hervey Bay.


In closing

Every region has its share of excellent restaurants. However, there are areas such as Hervey Bay that offer great eating experience other than the attractions. This powerful combination makes the area a top tourist drawer for all time.

Luxury Penthouse Accommodation

A penthouse accommodation or penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment, building, condominium, or hotel. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. The term penthouse originally referred to, and sometimes still does refer to, a separate or smaller “house” that was constructed on the roof of an apartment building.

People travel for different reasons, some travel for the sake of adventure, while some travel because they want to be exposed to a different culture or lifestyle. The list could go on and on, and it brings light to the fact that since people travel with different reasons, it also follows that travels deals must be tailored to each traveller’s motivation. For luxury holidays, one of the determiners of a proper vacation is their accommodation. The hotels must give them a taste of the lifestyle they went to that place for.

The idea of a penthouse apartment was born in the 1920s, called ”The Roaring Twenties” when economic growth brought a construction boom to New York City, the heart of the American economy. The high demand for living in urban areas and wealth of Americans led to luxury buildings led to luxury apartments on the top floor or floor of buildings.

On the earliest penthouse apartment in the city was publisher Conde Nast’s duplex penthouse at 1040 Park Avenue. The original 1923 plan for the building provided three units on each of the floors with additional maids’ rooms on the roof, but in 1924, the building’s upper spaces were constructed to provide the grand duplex for Nast. Connected by a staircase to the rooftop entertaining salons, the corner unit at the top floor was designed to be private family quarters. The whole unit was decorated in the French manner by Elsie de Wolfe. Completed in 1925, Conde Nast’s duplex penthouse was used for many lavish parties, which were made famous as much as by guest lists as by the entertainment.

In architecture, the term penthouse is used to refer to a structure on the roof of a building that is set back from the outer walls. These structures do not occupy the entire roof deck. High-rise buildings often have penthouse structures called mechanical penthouses that enclose mechanisms such as elevator equipment.

While European designers and architects long recognised the potential in creating living spaces that make use of rooftops and such as setbacks, in US cities, exploitation of these spaces began in earnest in the 1920s. It was a matter of news when the development of rooftop apartments at the Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park was announced in 1923, and this followed by rapid development of luxury penthouse apartments in the following years.

Penthouse apartments have not only the advantages of regular holiday accommodation in Hervey Bay, such as security and convenient location but also many of those of a house such as size and design. Similar to the city apartments, penthouses are usually located in the heart of urban centres yet offer a sense of being far away from or above noisy and crowded urban life. Such locations provide easy access to hotels, restaurants, malls, and schools.

Penthouses are considered to be at the top of their markets and are generally the most expensive. They are however, worth the money that are put into them.

Boat Hire in Sydney Harbour

There are a few good reasons why a person would hire a boat in Sydney Harbour. It should not be taken merely as a decision but more importantly, as a form of respecting the culture of his fellow Australians. In one way or another, one has also embraced the idea of either walking barefoot on the sand or going around the harbour to enjoy and entertain oneself by plainly looking at the bounty of nature in front of him.

The premium boat hire in Sydney Harbour, by all means, is the business centre of the boat for hire business. Hundreds or even thousands of people had come here just to request for a tour or cruise around the Harbour Bay. No one is ever rejected since the number of boats can actually cater to the different needs of every customer. Besides, the crystal clear waters of the bay are very enticing, and when guests or visitors on cruise witness it for themselves, it’s like they had taken the dip or one of the best swims of their life.

The Standard Charter

This type of service is comprised of at least a four-man crew who are willing to assist you and your friends enjoy the most of your experience as you sit back, relax and fill your eyes with the wonders that you witness around Sydney Harbour. As the name suggests, it will be a four-hour cruise around the bay and its adjacent and neighbouring places.

A provision on food and drinks

Hiring a boat in Sydney Harbour comes with extra or miscellaneous services involving your meals while onboard the boats. One policy is the bring-your-own system. Cruisers or boat renters can bring along their own food and drinks, and they are only going to pay the rate for hiring the boat. Some boat charters offer or cater meals to their passengers. Different kinds of food are already prepared to be served according to the preference of the passengers. They also provide the boat cruises or rides package including already the food and drinks at a special rate. Boat rides are often expensive when meals are included in the package, but for those who decide to bring their own could save a lot of money on their pockets.

Hiring licensed boats

Some boats that are duly accredited or licensed do not allow passengers or boat renters to bring along food and drinks with them. The main reason is that it is a serious business. When passengers are allowed to bring food and beverages on licensed boats, there is a possibility that the food prepared to be sold will not be bought or taken anymore, resulting in spoilage and waste. However,  a few of them would make special agreements or arrangements. Passengers can either bring food, and the drinks will be provided by the boat or vice versa. In cases where food was already brought onboard licensed boats, a corkage fee will be charged according to the amount incurred in preparing the kind of food or drinks.

Self-driven boats

To make the best out of your sailing experience, there are sailing yachts available for boat sailing experts and sailing beginners or enthusiasts. As the name suggests, you will have the chance of sailing alone if you are an expert; but you have to sign some critical agreements or documents like that of a waiver to free the boat operator from any form of liability resulting from human error or accidents you committed or underwent. On the lighter side,  sailing beginners or enthusiasts are escorted by staff or an employee in order to prove your skill in sailing and manage things in case of emergencies while afloat the sea.

Tips for Chasing Marlin

Are you looking to enjoy Marlin fishing in Cairns? Catching a marlin might not be the easiest thing ever and especially if you aren’t a pro. But the right fishing charter can ensure that you get your hands on a marlin. The following are a few simple tips from the experts at marlin fishing in Cairns.

  • The number one things which professionals’ advice is to keep things as simple as possible. If you are a novice you would be tempted to invest in a large number of rods, lures and gear. The downside being they don’t even know how to use all the stuff they have bought. You really just need a handful of gear and not all the equipment you can get your hands on. You simply need to concentrate on your technique and learn to use the handful gear which you are carrying to make the most of your Australian marlin fishing experience. Therefore keep things hassle free by only carrying gear which you actually need.
  • It is important to invest in high quality gear. There is simply no point in investing in a whole lot of ordinary gear when you can make do with two or three top quality gear. At a given time you can simply fight one fish so you need to make sure you have the best opportunity of catching that one marlin which came your way. High quality fishing equipment won’t let you down.
  • Make sure you are well prepared for your marling fishing in Cairns. Understand all the gear which you would be carrying. You should know all that is to know about the drag curve on your reel. Practice clicking the gear in and out. You can start by setting up your gimbal belt and harness when at home. Spend enough time rigging your lures and sharpening hooks to ensure that everything works in perfection.
  • When you are out on the water, keep in mind you don’t need to throw down all the lures that you have. A novice should only start with three or four lures. This helps ensure that there are fewer lines to clear in the water especially when you have got that fish at the hook. Keep one lure much closer to the boat than the others.
  • If you are planning to use live baits, two of those are considered enough. Make sure you stagger the baits to keep the turns tight and avoid tangles. When there is too much wind you could keep the reels in free spool by elasticing the line to a bollard.

By keeping all the above mentioned tips in mind you would find yourself fishing like a pro. If you are considering hiring a Marlin fishing charter in Cairns choose the right one by doing the necessary research. Finding the right charter is easy when you have done your homework. Ask around and see online reviews on what previous tourists have to say about a certain captain and the boat they chartered.

Tips for a successful whale watching session

If you are about to visit Hervey Bay, make sure you put whale watching on the top of the list of things to do. Whale watching can be a pretty rewarding experience. It’s somewhat humbling to see these huge beasts in their natural habitat. Plus the sight of a whale gently swimming by or flipping its tail and putting on a show could put even the most staid person in a state of awe. The sheer magnificence of these humongous yet gentle creatures is a sight to behold and one which would leave a lasting impression on your memory. Whether you are a solo traveler or travelling with loved ones, this I one activity which you shouldn’t forgo while visiting Hervey Bay.

However in order to ensure that your whale watching in Hervey Bay is all this and more, keep the following things in mind.

  • Whale watching is a great experience but one which can be a bit expensive, especially if you plan on taking children along. When choosing a whale watching tour make sure you choose someone who comes within your budget. For this you would need to research different tours which are being offered in Hervey Bay.
  • There are different guideline for each tour. This is why it is essential to follow the directions issued by the tour guide. If they have asked you to arrive at a specific time, make sure you do so to make the most of your trip. There is no use hurrying along in a rush and then eventually being late for the tour.
  • Before you make a booking for a tour you need to ensure that the weather forecast is good. This is essential for people who have a problem with motion sickness. They need to ensure that they would be taking the tour on the calmest of days.
  • Keep in mind that sightings are not guaranteed. Whales are wild creatures and definitely don’t do things according to your plans. If you are lucky you might see a whale playfully flipping in the water or you may see one just swimming along. But sometimes the wait can be long and the sightings few. Be patient. Instead of just focusing on catching glimpse of a whale try to enjoy the tour as much as possible. Breathe in the fresh sea air and turn it into an enjoyable experience socialising with the other people on deck.
  • Dress for a day at the sea. Keep in mind that the temperatures at sea are ten to fifteen degrees less. It’s advisable to dress in layers and wear sturdy boots. Evenings can get chilly so make sure you have yourself covered with the right clothes which are comfy yet don’t weigh you down.
  • Lastly don’t forget to bring your camera. The sightings can be fabulous. If you don’t have a camera handy you may find yourself without the opportunity to catch hold of some awesome pictures.

Why Hire a Mini Bus

Luxury minibus are quite the in thing in Perth. Whether it’s a small wedding party, a hen event or a bachelor party, a mini bus I one of the best way to take your entourage along with you on a night to remember. The best thing is that you can hire the mini bus for a few hours to a complete day. If you r planning to stay on an over-night picnic, a mini bus can pick you and drop you off to your choice of destination without any hassle. Why should you worry about getting everyone transported by different mean when the whole group can sit together and have a great time?

Mini buses are a mall and cozy way of having a great time with friends and family. Also most buses are luxurious and have a wide variety of amenities which can make the event all the more fun. If you want a great sound system and some cold beer along the way you can choose a mini bus which offers a cool box and a great CD player. You can sing along your favourite songs and turn it into a real joy ride.

Plus if you are a corporate business then a luxury minibus is a great way to boost employee morale as you take them along for a conference or a meeting in style.

Choosing the right mini bus hire in Perth

If you are considering mini bus hire Perth, make sure to keep the following things in mind

  • Mini buses have a smaller accommodation when compared to other kinds of larger vehicles. So the number of people in the entourage should be below twenty. If you have a larger group to be accommodated you wouldn’t benefit from hiring a mini bus.
  • Choose the bus hire company wisely. Find out about different vehicle rentals and make sure to check out the reviews left by previous customers. The company should have a good rating in the transport business. Also there are several things you should consider like whether they charge you more on extra hours and whether you need to fill in on the gas or not.
  • Different mini buses have different amenities. The one with the most luxurious amenities on offer would be most expensive as well. If you re on a budget choose a mini but which comes within what you can afford. You don’t need to scrimp but being in budget is always a better option.
  • Once you have decided on the transport service you would be required to make a booking and also sign a contract. Don’t forget to go through the fine print and take a look at all the things which are listed in the contract. Though it may seem like a great deal of work but reading through the fine print can help save you from a great deal of trouble.

Whale Watching Fun for Everyone

Is Whale Watching on the Bucket List?

Take a Tour in Hervey Bay

Whales are such majestic creatures that it comes as no surprise that it is a popular tourist destination. Whale migration is the best time to watch the whales, which happens in winter. Hervey Bay extends a warm welcome during the cold winter months. Whales are able to make use of the warm waters to calve and teach the young whales throughout their early life.

The best times to welcome whales to the Queensland coast is from July through November. The top whale watching Hervey Bay tours are so certain that their tourists will be able to watch the whales as they come into Hervey Bay that most will offer a money-back guarantee if no whales are seen.

One of the most exciting parts of the tours is when people get a chance to go out into the water, on surfboards, kayaks, and even inflatable boats. These tours are able to not just for admiring such a magnificent creature, they are a way to bring attention to whale welfare, and to marine conservation.

What Will Visitors Experience?

There are a number of whale-watching tours that each have their own unique flavour. Some are able to take their visitors out to the whales on the water, while others enjoy the amazing views as well as the experience of whale-watching. It’s always an amazing adventure to see the whales up close and personal. This isn’t just a nature documentary on television, it takes visitors right next to the whales. The amazing encounters with these whales will be a subject for one of the memories of a lifetime.

Whatever trip tourists decide to take, it’s imperative to make sure to bring a camera for stills and videos! These memories will have envious friends and family gushing with amazement at the wonderful experiences in Hervey Bay, so make sure to miss nothing. The expert tour guides in Hervey Bay will make every moment exciting and memorable.

It also helps to know a few facts about whales:

  • An adult humpback whale can weigh up to five times what an elephant does.
  • Each whale song is different – they are not just born with the right songs in their head. Their own family teaches their own brand of whale song.
  • Whales are very intelligent. They are in the top five smartest animals on the planet.
  • Whales play a huge role in the food chain. Just imagine what would happen to the oceans if there were no whales to eat the 2500 kilograms of krill and plankton every day. The oceans would be quickly overrun by these tiny animals.
  • Whales live to be approximately 70 years old.
  • Whales swim at anywhere from 5 to 15 kilometres per hour.
  • Whales live in family groups, just like humans do.
  • Humpback whales don’t actually have teeth. They have what are called “baleen plates” that are used to eat the krill and plankton that are their only diet.
  • And one more amazing fact – whale poop, yes, poop, plays a great part in offsetting carbon in the environment.

Why Choose Hervey Bay?

Though the whales travel all along the Queensland coast, the humpbacks actually stop to rest for a while, giving tourists a little more time to catch them while out on a tour. This is also a great place for the mother humpbacks to teach their calves how to survive in the wild.

It’s a chance to not just “see” the whales. With the whales stopping to rest and relax, it gives tourists a chance to get close to the whales. Some even swim right up to the tour boat, to watch the tourists as they are being watched. The playfulness of humpbacks is well known, so make sure to take advantage of every moment on the water. Enjoy checking off this wonderful adventure from that bucket list!

3 Tour Destinations Meant for a Honeymoon


If you’ve recently gotten married or are planning to, you’re definitely looking for an amazing private tour to an amazing place. Heading off to an amazing place with your better half is not just a vacation but an experience you want to remember for the rest of your life. It is important that you visit a place with amazing views, enjoyable food and some adventure rides to challenge each other’s comfort zone.

If you’re in that place, we understand just what you’re looking for: an amazing tour guide! We bring to you amazing holiday destinations with your loved one. Here are the top three tour destinations meant for a honeymoon and why:

1. Sydney

Apart from being one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world with breathtaking views, Sydney happens to be an adventure site for young couples. Cruising through the majestic water bodies, you will get a chance to enjoy parasailing, scuba diving, and even jet skiing. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is 134 m above sea level and that climb in itself is a adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Gazing at the Sydney Opera House and its magnificent architecture, this climb becomes one of the most entertaining activities in one’s life. If you want to travel to Sydney but don’t want to spend all your money, getting a Sydney local tour package is your best solution.

2. Oahu Island


If you’re all about soaking up the sun and enjoying the sand in your toes and wind in your hair, this is the best destination for a honeymoon. Located in Hawaii and featuring the utmost pleasant weather for you and your loved one to enjoy, this is a must-go destination for everyone. Featuring tour destinations including Honolulu and Kailua, you’ll have access to the heart of Hawaii.

Apart from the weather that lets you escape all your worries, there are multiple festivities celebrated on this island that have made it an amazing site to visit with your loved one.

3. Baku

One of the cities rich in cultural architecture and dynamic places to visit, this is a must-visit for your tour list. Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan. It has an amazing sunny weather where you can wear a straw hat and head out in the sun with your partner. From exploring historic buildings to climbing mountains, this is an amazing place to plan a honeymoon at.

The city features multiple temples that date back to centuries and new, complex built art museums that are a treat for the eyes. If you’re all about aesthetics, this is where you should definitely go to. Some of the hotels are even located near the harbor, which make the weather more pleasant throughout the day. What more could you want?

Why take a trip to Bali, the island of the Gods

Bali is a paradise loved by travelers and tourists who come to the Indonesian islandfrom every corner of the world and are literally fascinated. Despite the tourist boom of recent years, Bali maintains its authenticity and charm . Just south of the Equator, it is the perfect place for those who want a holiday of sea, sun, relaxation and fun. Here the average annual temperature is 30 ° C .

It is a very small island (140 x 80 km) but  very green . Characteristics of Bali are the terraced hills on which rice is grown as well as the dense  tropical forests , where one can walk freely enjoying the most of the flora of these latitudes. The mountains to the north reach 3,000 meters, like Mount Agung also called ‘mountain mother’, an active volcano.

Compared to other islands of Indonesia , Bali stands out clearly, so much so that it has the reputation of being a happy island . The Hindu culture that remains among the population is reflected in the fabulous temples that are worth a visit (there are 20 thousand), such as the Tanahlot Temple by the sea or the Petilan Paperhanger , and in the many Balinese ceremonies to which you absolutely must attend.

Many, thinking of Bali, will have in mind one of the many luxurious resorts in the countryside . For those who want to spend a relaxing holiday, they will find every comfort here. The best known seaside resorts are Kuta , Sanur , Jimbaran , Seminyak and Nusa Dua. But Bali is also beautiful to visit.

The most important and lively city is Denpasar , where the international airport is also located. There are numerous monuments to visit in the city, such as the Klung Royal Palace. Singaraja , overlooking the sea, is the old Dutch capital and is much quieter.

Ubud is, instead, in the center of the island and is the largest artistic and cultural center, frequented by those who love adventurous journeys far from super organized resorts. It is also for his art that the island is famous all over the world . Sculpture and wood carving are the most developed artistic activities. You can not leave without buying a mask or a wonderful batik.


The most livable city in the world? Few people know about it, and the fact is quite understandable given that it is on the other side of the globe. But it is the first thing to keep in mind when you set foot in Melbourne: the capital of the state of Victoria (south-eastern Australia) wins the title of “most livable city” awarded by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual global liveability for seven consecutive years. survey . You do not have to be passionate about trends to guess that a trip to the land of kangaroos, for the globetrotters of the Third Millennium, must necessarily start from there.Among the wonders of this metropolis elected as symbol of the new Australian identity is the movement of street art,

which here offers themed walks among the open galleries of the young talents of the spray that with their graffiti have colored entire streets, becoming a global reference point. Then there are the architectures: the historical ones, in Victorian style, delicate as lace; and the 2.0 ones like the Melbourne Recital Center with a honeycomb facade, or the Southbank skyscrapers that are reflected in the Yarra River.Waiting to see the light of the skyscraper of the Australian Elmer Fraser inspired by a video (and the sinuous shapes) of Beyoncé, we go for artisans at the Central Business District, with boutiques that select the best of local fashion, and we breathe the sea ​​breeze in the cosmopolitan area of ​​St Kilda. The ocean with the capital “O” is the protagonist of an unmissable excursion, the one along the Great Ocean Road, over 300 km of panoramic coastal road that give a different scenario to every curve: see the surfers who ride the waves, the Southern whales during their seasonal migration, the limestone cliffs of the Twelve Apostles.

A natural poem without equal, equal only, for intensity of emotions, to the charm that you try in front of another masterpiece carved in the waters of the Pacific:The starting point for diving and snorkelling along the coral wall is Cairns, a town of over 130,000 inhabitants gathered around the Reef Fleet Terminal, where cruise ships sail.

If you do not let the fish catch you too much, remember that there are other natural spectacles worth discovering, from the beach of Cape Tribulation, the last frontier of tropical exotism, to the rainforest of Daintree, which besides being the oldest of the world (World Heritage Site, as the same Barrier Reef) has been a source of inspiration for the movie Avatarby James Cameron. Declared national park, the forest of Daintree is discovered on foot and with poetic excursions on the river of the same name, stopping at Mossman Gorge: a mosaic of water and granite rocks that originates natural emerald pools, due to the intense green embrace of the vegetation . He would want to stay there and discover it all, this continent of wonders. But since this is just a continent, I choose to get back on the road to another urban pearl, postponing the suggestions of nature to the next holiday.

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