Boat Hire in Sydney Harbour

There are a few good reasons why a person would hire a boat in Sydney Harbour. It should not be taken merely as a decision but more importantly, as a form of respecting the culture of his fellow Australians. In one way or another, one has also embraced the idea of either walking barefoot on the sand or going around the harbour to enjoy and entertain oneself by plainly looking at the bounty of nature in front of him.

The premium boat hire in Sydney Harbour, by all means, is the business centre of the boat for hire business. Hundreds or even thousands of people had come here just to request for a tour or cruise around the Harbour Bay. No one is ever rejected since the number of boats can actually cater to the different needs of every customer. Besides, the crystal clear waters of the bay are very enticing, and when guests or visitors on cruise witness it for themselves, it’s like they had taken the dip or one of the best swims of their life.

The Standard Charter

This type of service is comprised of at least a four-man crew who are willing to assist you and your friends enjoy the most of your experience as you sit back, relax and fill your eyes with the wonders that you witness around Sydney Harbour. As the name suggests, it will be a four-hour cruise around the bay and its adjacent and neighbouring places.

A provision on food and drinks

Hiring a boat in Sydney Harbour comes with extra or miscellaneous services involving your meals while onboard the boats. One policy is the bring-your-own system. Cruisers or boat renters can bring along their own food and drinks, and they are only going to pay the rate for hiring the boat. Some boat charters offer or cater meals to their passengers. Different kinds of food are already prepared to be served according to the preference of the passengers. They also provide the boat cruises or rides package including already the food and drinks at a special rate. Boat rides are often expensive when meals are included in the package, but for those who decide to bring their own could save a lot of money on their pockets.

Hiring licensed boats

Some boats that are duly accredited or licensed do not allow passengers or boat renters to bring along food and drinks with them. The main reason is that it is a serious business. When passengers are allowed to bring food and beverages on licensed boats, there is a possibility that the food prepared to be sold will not be bought or taken anymore, resulting in spoilage and waste. However,  a few of them would make special agreements or arrangements. Passengers can either bring food, and the drinks will be provided by the boat or vice versa. In cases where food was already brought onboard licensed boats, a corkage fee will be charged according to the amount incurred in preparing the kind of food or drinks.

Self-driven boats

To make the best out of your sailing experience, there are sailing yachts available for boat sailing experts and sailing beginners or enthusiasts. As the name suggests, you will have the chance of sailing alone if you are an expert; but you have to sign some critical agreements or documents like that of a waiver to free the boat operator from any form of liability resulting from human error or accidents you committed or underwent. On the lighter side,  sailing beginners or enthusiasts are escorted by staff or an employee in order to prove your skill in sailing and manage things in case of emergencies while afloat the sea.

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