Durack Bar

It is probably common knowledge that both men and women have the natural inclination to search for something that could either give him comfort from the problems he is facing in the form of any entertainment that is readily available anytime and anywhere. Where wine and spirits are served, a variety of music can also be heard.

It cannot be denied that the intake of alcohol could either allow someone to drown the predicament he is currently experiencing or just be cool and savour the moment of transitory happiness with a few shots of scotch on the rocks. Whatever maybe someone’s agenda for the evening, Durack bars are opening their taverns to anyone who wishes to while away the evening with folk and rock country music.


 You name it, and we have it

Regular customers need not tell the bartender of what they’ll be boozing for the evening. With the flick of the fingers or the wink of an eye, a glass of brandy or a twist of martini and daiquiri would be rolling down from the top to the bottom of the counter or going to the direction where you are comfortably seated. Customers usually order the same drink and enjoy a few rounds of it before finally calling it an evening and could either pay in cash or request to place the orders on one’s credit tab.

 Amazing and entertaining bartenders

If you think bartenders just serve you your drinks or do some mixing tricks, think again. They could also be excellent conversation partners as both of you share stories from the usual life that you have in common to personal relationships that matter most. This scenario takes place only when there are only a few customers left, and the bar is nearing its closing time. It is much more ideal and comfortable when, looking at your watch, you’re the only customer left, and everyone has left for the rest of the evening. Bartenders usually just wait for the last couple of orders before finally finishing up cleaning his station and fixing whatever needs to be arranged for the next day’s operation.


 An evening filled with music and laughter

There are three basic options from which customers can enjoy music at the bars in Durack. On special weekdays and if there are special celebrations or occasions, a couple of live bands will be heard singing and playing their instruments while customers are quaffing a variety of spirits until they’ll be  quite tipsy or should we say, a bit drunk but as cool as always. Likewise, there are instances when customers would request their personal favourites to the band playing a variety of songs they can always sing to or personally relate, by both the lyrics and the melody that goes with it. The best part will always be there when customers are the ones on stage and taking the courage of uttering the lyrics on their own from a reverberating microphone. This is not always the case but can be possible upon making a humble request. Lastly, if bands are not scheduled to play for the evening or customers are in no way having the mood to sing their heart out until midnight, bars usually would play instrumental music on the background as everyone has their chit chats with friends, family and loved ones in particular.

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