Wedding Venues Mornington Peninsula for your Big Day

One of the most important milestones in your life is your wedding day. This big day needs the right tone and your choice of venue is the way to do it. It can feel pretty hectic and challenging when it comes to the choice of a wedding venue.

For instance, will your wedding be a big extravaganza or a small affair? Would you like to have it outdoors or indoors? The numerous available wedding venues Mornington Peninsula might make the choice tough.

However, knowing what you and your partner want and need narrows down the search for the perfect venue for your big day.


Wedding venues come in all settings, size, and shape. Making a perfect choice means settling with your partner the basics of the wedding. Here are some timely tips to guide you on your way.


Location, location, location

In past years, the bride’s place is the traditional setting for weddings. The trend today is having a wedding anywhere. The places to have the wedding can range from where you’re located right now, a destination on your bucket list, your hometown or a favourite vacation place.

When it comes to convenience though, nothing beats having it in your hometown. However, when dramatic settings are your thing, then destination wedding packages are the ones to go for. Whatever your taste and preference, the location should be the first thing to think about. Your venue choice, the small details of your wedding, and your budget will all be affected by location.


The budget

Half of your budget will be compromised by catering and venue. Big cities venues cost more than venues in rural places. Renting a space depends on how much your budget can afford it. There are all-inclusive packages offered by some venues that include venue and catering. You and your partner have to sit down and agree on the budget for venue and catering as a way to determine the total budget.

Number of guests

A good estimate of the number of guests is a smart way to do before selecting your venue. Venues, in general, have a capacity bracket. A venue that can hold a capacity of 500 people will be way different than one that can accommodate 75 people. Making a guest list and checking it twice with your partner eliminates surprises. The thing is to prevent choosing a wedding venue that is smaller or bigger than your guest list.


Setting the date

A wedding date may already be in the works, but specific dates are better. The hunt for the wedding venue should only begin when you and your partner have a few dates in mind. For instance, planning to get married “in the spring” is a good start. However, specific dates during the spring season make the search for the perfect wedding venue more viable and effective.


Take the time to look at potential venue sites

Your search has most likely given you a few favourite potential venues. The next best thing is to pay an in-person visit to see if it’s as perfect as it claims to be. Photos can deceive and taking the time to visit them is important.


One of the most important decisions in the process of planning the wedding is the choice of venue. A venue can make or break a dream wedding day. Choose wedding venues located on the Mornington Peninsula carefully by visiting them.




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